Feeling Overwhelmed?
How Much is your Comfort Worth?

Professional organizing is expensive. It’s defined as a luxury service. I wonder however, is it possible to change the expectation of organizing and what it actually means. Many of us struggle with feeling overwhelmed. We have a loss for control whether it comes to our job, our home life, our kids, our vacations or what have you. So… How do we get control and what can we control?

Something that I find remarkable is how much control we gain from organization. Being able to organize your environment or at least have an organized environment gives you control. You know where your items are, you know how to access your items, and you know what items you have. In knowing where something is, that automatically gives you control or at least a sense of it. So when it comes to getting organized, how do we get more people to have professional organizers and is it truly a luxurious service? I honestly believe it is deemed a luxurious service because of the stigma placed on it. People post photos of home organizing on social media or they use organizers to unpack their home or they need an organizer weekly or monthly to maintain their home. That said, what if I told you that for a lot of people, this process is unnecessary.

Organizing can take lots of time and be extremely expensive, but it doesn’t have to. It really depends on who you are, what your needs are, and what your budget is. If you have a cluttered house, or if you feel it’s cluttered, an organizer can come into the home and make quick solutions to make it feel less overwhelming. It may not be ready for a Pinterest board, but in a few hours, depending on the space and size of the home, a good dent can be made.

So if you’re finding particular areas of your home, ie. the front entry closet, your clothing closet, your living room, or some other small designated area, particularly causing you stress or more stress, see if you can have an organizer help. Do not hire one for the entire day, but instead 3-4 hours. With a few products, we can create systems that can be easily maintained for your ease, comfort, and control. And who knows, perhaps after the first session, you realize you would like to organize the whole house. Therefore, I suggest, if you’re able to, set aside time and a bit of money for a short organizing session every few months and slowly overtime, different areas of your home will become and stay organized. So the main question to ask yourself then is… How much is your comfort worth and are you ready to relieve some anxiety?

Written by Brennan Reid

Hi, my name is Brennan Reid. I am the founder of Aristotle Organizing Inc and the primary writer of this blog.

We specialize with young professionals and successful individuals looking for help when it comes to unpacking and organizing their busy lives. By incorporating beauty and function into each project, clients are able to not only see the changes, but feel them. Learn more about what we do…

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