It’s National Organizing Month!

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It’s time to celebrate national organizing month! 

As January brings the New Year, it also brings resolutions and new beginnings. What better way to create a new beginning and stick with it, than creating an organized layout for everything you’d like to accomplish in the year. It all starts with one step, and I believe that step is organizing.

As a professional organizer, I don’t always refer to organizing as organizing your personal belongings. Yes, that is a very large factor of professional organizing, but there’s another aspect too, and that is the planning. I will therefore take you through the steps I take when I go to a client’s or have a disorganized space that needs to be organized. 

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I always start by planning and creating an execution. I rarely, if ever, walk into a space and just start the organizing process. For me personally, I have to look at the space, measure the space, determine the best layout, ask clients opinions and learn how they would ideally like their space to function. Once I have all of this information, I can start. That said, that doesn’t mean that things arise as I go through the space or as the client goes through the space. Plans change, ideas change, and preferences change. Therefore in the planning, a time contingency needs to be in place, so anything unexpected, can still be somewhat expected. I say all of this, not so you can become a professional organizer, as I know most of my readers are not, but so you can apply your own planning, expectations and outcomes to be as prepared as possible in the new year.

Therefore, for national organizing month rather than focusing on getting your belongings organized, though if you need help with that I’m just a phone call away, I believe it is imperative to plan out and organize your thoughts before you execute your plan, resolution, or whatever it is you may want to do in this new year. Once you have your steps and your goals organized, make the leap. You’re ready to begin.

Written by Brennan Reid

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