New Year’s Resolutions

When the New Year rolls around it can be a very exciting next step for new goals, resolutions, business start ups, and more. Time and time again however, I find myself or friends of mine either making New Year’s resolutions and not quite meeting them or deciding altogether they don’t wish to do them because they ultimately fail. I believe this year however, I may have cracked the code. Although a New Year’s resolution can be many things, to me, I want to call it something different. I want to call it, “a lifestyle change.” I say, “lifestyle change,” because that entails that it’s a permanent change, not something that I strive for or something that suits me for just this year, but something that continues to add value to my life. Whether it’s a personal goal or a business goal, I want to look at organizing in assisting this new found comparison to hopefully help you too.

Making a lifestyle change can be quite difficult, no matter how large or small it is. I find however, in this idea of a lifestyle change, being organized could be a further step in the direction of success. Instead of looking at a specific example, as this could likely lead down a rabbit hole, let’s discuss several different examples and how each one needs an organizational step to it. 

Let’s use physical fitness as our first example. Many individuals make eating healthier or working out more a New Year’s resolution. So how do we organize this to make it happen? First and foremost one must look at the amount of time they would like to dedicate to the resolution. As for working out, how many hours a week would you like to dedicate to working out? Once you figure this number, take a look at your schedule to see when and where you can fit these workouts. If you’re a morning person, perhaps you get up an extra hour earlier, or if you’re a late night person, perhaps you go to the gym after work. Whatever it may be, find a time and amount that works for you, you probably won’t get it right the first time, so keep trying. Once you find the right rhythm, stick with it, create in your frame of mind a “lifestyle” change. 

As another example let’s use “lowering your carbon footprint.” Lowering your carbon footprint has a lot to it, so what you now need to consider is the amount of energy you wish to put into your lifestyle change. Lowering your carbon footprint can expand from simply recycling to biking to work to living off of your own grid system. Simply by saying you wish to “lower your carbon footprint” it can mean a lot of different things, just like our previous example of “physical fitness.” So I suggest organizing what you would like to focus on, either one thing or many different things, depending on what you’re able to put your energy into. The best way to stick to a resolution or lifestyle change, is to figure out how much extra energy you’re able to give until it becomes habitual and actually transitions into a lifestyle change. 

As my last example, let’s discuss “getting organized.” This is an organizing blog afterall, so we might as well include it somewhere. Getting organized involves both a lot of time and energy, but it can also be quite expensive. So in order to get organized, it could mean spending money on organizing products or should you need it, a professional organizer. Organizing can be, however, a massive lifestyle change. Whether it involves organizing your business files, your pantry, or your entire home, creating a sustainable system is the only way that it will not only be a resolution but a lifestyle change. If you wish to create a sustainable system for your belongings whether that be a room, a business, or a home, try to gather an idea of how much you’d like to spend on it. This will help lead you in your goal to become organized, not only will you grasp how many organizing products you can purchase, but whether or not you’d like to seek outside help from a professional. 

As you can see there are many different ways to look at a New Year’s resolution. I mainly focused on organizing the time management, energy it takes, and budget to make it all happen but I’m sure there are more steps one can take and should take to make it a lifestyle change. That said, I do believe by organizing your time, your thoughts, and your finances, on top of looking at it like a “lifestyle change,” this will lead to more positive outcomes when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions.

Written by Brennan Reid

Hi, my name is Brennan Reid. I am the founder of Aristotle Organizing Inc and the primary writer of this blog.

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