How to Maximize Your Space

Living in NYC comes with its struggles, especially if you don’t have a townhouse or penthouse. Even then however, it can be easy to run out of space. As with most things, individuals grow to match their environment, including the belongings one holds onto. If you have a four bedroom apartment vs a one bedroom apartment, you still may find yourself running out of space. This is due to the fact that individuals with larger apartments tend to accumulate more than those with smaller apartments, though the proportions of clutter in the home could be similar, if not the same. So, what can you do?

Maximizing your space…




Although file folding may not free up an astronomical amount of space, it will give you more accessibility to your clothes. There are three common ways of folding your clothes in a drawer,  the pancake style, file folding, and my least favorite, stuffing. The most common style is the pancake style. This simply means that each piece of clothing is folded on top of the other. In this version of folding, you can only see the top one or two garments of clothing. The file fold, the most preferred in the organizing community, basically sets up your clothes in the drawer like they are in a filing cabinet. Each piece of clothing is sitting up vertically as opposed to horizontally, you can see the example of this in the photo above. The last and my least favorite way to put away your clothes is to stuff them in the drawer. Yes, this will save you time on the initial side of putting things away but when it comes to finding a particular clothing item… good luck. 


Written by Brennan Reid

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