Moving a business can be extremely stressful, especially when tens or hundreds of employees are involved. As a result, the preparation for a move is often missed or overlooked. Not preparing for your move is like skipping breakfast. Therefore I will create a guide to follow, so that your companies move, whether you hire help or decide to do it yourself, you will have steps to follow for the smoothest possible transition.


To start preparing for your company’s move, I highly suggest taking into account your inventory. Your inventory should include the items in your filing room, kitchen, stockroom and any other shared spaces. The inventory for each room (I’ll use the stockroom as an example) should be divided as such; leaf’s of paper (10x), boxes of pens/pencils (20x), boxes of folders (5x), etc. Creating a list of your current inventory will help, not only with ensuring everything is delivered to the new space, but also to take into account what needs to be ordered for your arrival in your new space. By taking everything into account, this will allow for a smooth transition with as little down time as possible.


While assessing your inventory, it is also important to have an idea of where different items will go. This doesn’t simply mean, stock items go into your stockroom, but where in the stockroom the stock items will go. This will help guide you in your decision making on how many stock items can fit into your new stockroom. This will then inform you of how many more items you need to order before your arrival. You will also need to know how much larger or smaller your previous stock room is compared with your new one. This will help facilitate questions like, do you have enough space for everything or do you need to cut back on your inventory? If you are losing space, what sorts of things do you not use, or at least use little of? If there aren’t any items in the stockroom that can be removed, try moving certain stock items to a different space. For example… If your stockroom has all of your office supplies and cleaning supplies, perhaps designate a different closet or space for your cleaning supplies. This way, all of your office materials stay together and all of your cleaning materials stay together. If this example does not apply to your company, perhaps separate mailing from the stockroom, or writing materials, etc. As long as items can be separated in groupings, like mailing, printing, cleaning, etc., the space(s) should still function as they were intended to. If you are gaining space, these questions may feel irrelevant, therefore questions such as, do you need more of one or several items or are there more items you’d like to add to your inventory? If there are more items or additional items to add to the inventory list, be sure to measure the new space to better determine how much more inventory you should actually order, so that “more” space doesn’t feel like less.


Lastly, in the course of move preparation, try to organize as much as possible before moving. This will allow for a fast packing and unpacking process. This will then lead to less business down time, which is ultimately what you want in a business transition. Organizing the office can include simply organizing by categorizing. This means that you separate all of your personal items from your office supplies and all of your office supplies from your files, and so on and so forth. By giving each of these categories their own designated space, they will be easier to pack and unpack. A box will therefore be labeled “personal items,” “office supplies,” and “files.” Organizing the office space such as the stockroom should be similarly categorized. All of the folders should therefore be separate from the stacks of papers which should be separate from the pens/pencils, etc. Once all of the items are categorized and are all in their designated spaces they will have their own box/label to create a much easier and more direct packing and unpacking experience.

As you can see, there are many aspects to planning a corporate move. If you have a business or you work for a business that is moving, I always recommend professional help. This will ensure that a smooth transition between old space and new takes place. One of the few professional organizing companies that handles corporate moves, is Aristotle Organizing Inc. If nothing else, give us a call and if it’s not a right fit, we will at least point you in the right direction so you can have the weight of your business move taken off of your shoulders.

Written by Brennan Reid

Hi, my name is Brennan Reid. I am the founder of Aristotle Organizing Inc and the primary writer of this blog.

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