Storage Units & Their Traps

To use a storage unit, or not to use a storage unit, that is the question…

Storage units can be very beneficial, especially in a place like NYC, but only if used properly. Storage units can easily become a cluttered closet that is used to store your unwanted items, unwanted items which are typically not wanted in the home, but not unwanted enough to discard. So how can we avoid this situation? A  storage unit should ideally be used for one of three things; holiday items, rotating items, and temporary storage solutions. By using these three aspects of storage as a guideline, hopefully you will be able to avoid a cluttered storage unit that becomes an inaccessible dumping ground for your “wanted/unwanted” items. 

Holiday Items

Holiday items are often stored in large containers that can take up a good amount of space. In order to save room in a household, you can store your holiday boxes in storage. These items typically stack and can be easier accessed due to their large bulky size. Holiday items are also used in your home for only about a month or so. It therefore makes sense to keep them out of your home so as not to clutter your other spaces with bulky containers. These holiday items will also force you to use your storage unit, meaning you will not only put items into your unit, but you will also take them out of it.

Rotating Items

Rotating items refers to different types of items that will be coming in and out of your apartment on a seasonal basis. These items typically include, off season clothes, off season sports, and rotating decor items. These items, similar to the holiday items, also require you to use the storage unit. By swapping these items out every season or every other season, you will have to maintain your unit. This will again help you from falling under the trap that storage units so often instigate. 

Temporary Storage

The final category is temporary storage. This means… You need a storage unit only for a limited amount of time. This could include, but is not limited to, moving, selling items, home projects, renovations, or reorganizing your apartment. By having temporary storage, this can be a great short term solution to many problems. Whatever you need to use it temporarily for, you have a place and no longer need to stress about finding a solution in your apartment/home. That said… temporary storage can often create long term storage. Therefore, try to create a time limit for the unit, either through your scheduling or the storage unit’s contract, so you do not fall victim to the storage unit trap.

I realize that these three storage uses are limited and in some respects unrealistic. If you do have a storage unit and are struggling with space, or are making it a dumping ground for your “unwanted,” but still “wanted” items, reach out and let me know. Let’s see if there’s a way we can pair things down to get you into a smaller unit, or even get you out of the unit entirely. 

Written by Brennan Reid

Hi, my name is Brennan Reid. I am the founder of Aristotle Organizing Inc and the primary writer of this blog.

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