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Decluttering can be very overwhelming, so let’s pick a place to start. The floor. When the floor is decluttered, it makes the space feel much smaller. So how do we confront the decluttered floor? Pick a spot, preferably a corner. Once you pick a corner, start going through your items and create categorized piles. By this I mean broad stroke categories such as, “toiletries, kitchen items, clothes, etc.” While you’re categorizing these items, keep a trash bag handy for tossing and a medium-sized box or large bag for donations. Continue combing through the items until your floor is clear and your items are all categorized. A lot easier and faster said than done… But once you get the hang of it, you’re ready for the next section.


The next targeted areas are the surfaces. By surfaces, I mean, tops of dressers, coffee tables, side tables, beds, shelves, etc. Again start the process of categorizing and tossing/donating your items, you should already have several categories created from the floor you just cleared! Once you get through all of your surfaces, I suggest starting on the next area, inside cabinets and drawers. This will likely be the most difficult area as drawers are often stuffed with little intricate items. After going through the floor, the surfaces, and the interior of the cabinets, you should have a good amount of renewed space for your current and future items to live. Now that you have all of these piles of categorized items, probably spread throughout the apartment, what next? Well… You’ve cleared a lot of space, so let’s dive into the next section, the organizing.

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Once you have gone through all of your belongings, and categorized them. You can start to put away all of your categorized items. Since we mainly focused on broad stroke categories, as recommended in the previous sections, we can now start to create subcategories. For example, if the category is clothes, you can organize the clothes by what item they are, or even get so specific as to color coordinate them. These subcategories will help you in creating and maintaining organizational systems that allow you to maintain a clutter free home. It’s a lot of work, and can easily feel overwhelming, but don’t forget, taking a look at this article, and reading through it all is already a great step in the right direction.

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